Samsung - Digital Telephone Systems

DCS Compact
The Power of DSP helps make the DCS Compact the fastest, most flexible, most reliable phone system for the money. Samsung4s Super I interface switching technology is the component in our DCS Compact system that operates with ISDN-like speed and flexibility. With it, you have the flexibility to easily grow your system4s capabilities. It enables you to add single line devices such as a fax, modem or cordless phones, as well as digital devises like desktop phones to a single extension or port.
iDCS 100
Welcome to the iDCS 100, an uniquely positioned part of Samsung's elite family of Business Communications products. Its revolutionary features and services gives the ability to free your company from the narrow confines that other comparable sized systems would impose on your company and gives your greater communications freedom and flexibility. As a forerunner in convergence technology, the iDCS 100 brings together traditional voice and data streams to create a fully integrated communications solution. The iDCS 100 has earned its place in the forefront of the communications revolution.
iDCS 500
Welcome to the iDCS 500 Release 2, the premier system in Samsung's elite line of telephony products. Its dynamic scaleable architecture can accommodate tremendous growth at low incremental cost, making it the perfect answer for the communications needs of medium and large corporations. As a forerunner in convergence technology, the iDCS 500 Release 2 brings together traditional voice and data streams to create a fully integrated communications solution. With a host of industry leading connectability features, the iDCS 500 richly deserves its place at the forefront of the communications revolution.
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Samsung - Keyphones and VoIP Keyphones Telephone Systems

iDCS Keysets
Samsung is proud to introduce the latest edition to it's $7.9 billion dollar commitment to research and development - iDCS, the perfect blend of design, functionality and style. The iDCS keyset family consists of a 28 button LCD, 18 button LCD and 8 button LCD telephones, a 14 button add on module and 64 button console for additional lines. One of the most exciting enhancements is the availability of full duplex speakerphone daughterboard. This enhancement upgrades a Samsung executive telephone set or conference room to a full duplex speakerphone.
DCS AOM C Keysets
The Add on module (AOM) provides 32 additional programmable buttons. Add up to two AOMs to any keyset in the DCS family. Use the AOM as a stand-alone intercom unit, room monitor or for our executive OHVA feature.
DCS LCD C Keysets
The 24-button speakerphone is the premier telephone for maximum call management effectiveness. Phone activity can easily be monitored. This is especially important for companies that are growing to such a size that employees are not generally visible.
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Samsung - Voicemail Systems

Built with the reliability and features found in larger systems, the SVMi-4E is specifically designed to function with the Samsung iDCS 100, DCS Compact, and DCS 50si key system products. With 4 ports standard, up to 100 mailboxes and a full Auto Attendant, the SVMi-4E offers the highest level of professionalism to your business, providing immediate, personalized, and unobstructed access to callers.
Integrated Voice Processing Platform for DS 616 Built with the same reliability and features found in Samsung's larger SVMi products, the SVMi-2E is specifically designed to integrate into the Samsung DS 616 Release 2. With up to 4 ports, up to 100 mailboxes and a full Auto Attendant, the SVMi-2E offers the highest level of professional voice processing services to small business.
The SVMi-8E is part of Samsung's fully integrated voice processing platform family. This "in-skin" platform offers the features and functionality of Voice Mail and Auto Attendant while focusing on immediate, personalized, and unobstructed access to callers. SVMi-8E allows your company to increase productivity by efficiently managing your busy call traffic and effectively serving your business communication needs.
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Panasonic - Telephone Systems

Digital Hybrid PBX Systems
Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Systems (KX-TDA) These Systems and Components are sold, installed and serviced exclusively by local Panasonic KX-TDA Certified Dealers. Ask your dealer if they are Panasonic KX-TDA Certified. These products are not sold on the internet or through other forms of e-commerce. For the names of Certified Dealers near you please use our dealer locator.

Advanced Hybrid Telephone System

KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System, 3 CO's, 8 stations, expandable to 8 CO's, 24 stations. KX-TAW848 Advanced Hybrid Wired/Wireless PBX Telephone System. Systems allow connection of many types of single-line telephone devices such as answering machines, cordless phones, fax machines, etc.
KX-TVA200 Voice processing System, up to 24 ports, up to 1000 hours voice storage. KX-TVA50 Voice processing System, up to 6 ports, up to 8 hours voice storage
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Tadiran - Telephone Systems

EmeraldTM ICE
A fully digital key system that can be custom tailored to business needs. Powerful, scalable technology at an extremely affordable price.
The Emerald Integrated Communications Exchange (ICE) is a fully integrated digital phone system loaded with sophisticated features. The Emerald ICE paves the way for your future by combining functionality and value, allowing you to add new capabilities and capacity as your business needs grow.
Tailor the System to Custom Fit your Business.
Coral IPx 500 ®
Compact server with the power of a full PBX. The Coral IPx 500 is a compact communications server with all the power of a full Coral PBX. With the Coral IPx 500, you can locate your communications server right in the heart of your IT operations - an important step on the path to true convergence of voice and data on your corporate network. The compact Coral IPx 500 allows you to take advantage of IP telephony without sacrificing the leading-edge applications you need, such as ACD and call center capabilities, integrated voicemail and wireless solutions.
Coral QNet™
Build a converged network with the QSIG global standard incorporated in your Coral system. An Open Door to An Open Network - For a smooth, cost-effective transition to a converged network, you may need to rely on devices from different vendors. Coral QNet incorporates the international QSIG standard into the Coral® family of communications servers, enabling you to build and later enhance your network. With QNet, any Coral can be an intelligent node or hub on a complex, multi-site network.
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Eon/CORTELCO - Telephone Systems

6150 Trendline
Ringer light on the back of handset --- great feature for Health Care facilities. Features:
• 3 One-Touch Memory
•10 Two-Touch Memory
• Receiver Volume Control
• Tone/Pulse Dialing
• Electronic Ringer with On/Off Switch
• Mute, Pause and Flash
• Visual Ring Indicator
• Desk/Wall Mountable
• Fully Modular
• Last Number Redial
• Available in Frost and Black
6250 Large LCD Display Trendline
Model: 625015TP227F
• 80 Name and Number Caller ID with Call Waiting
• 3 One-Touch Memory
• 10 Two-Touch Memory
• Tone/Pulse Dialing • Electronic Ringer with Hi/Lo/Off Switch
• Mute, Pause, Redial and Flash
• Flashing Visual Ring Indicator
• New Call Indication
• FSK Message Waiting
• Handset Volume Control (Nor/Hi)
• Multi Languages - English/French/Spanish
• Displays Time and Date of Each Call • Real Time Clock
• Call Duration
• Low Battery Indicator
• Desk/Wall Mountable
• Available in White
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Comdial - Telephone Systems

The DX-80 delivers productivity without the complexity, cost, and management responsibilities of larger systems. With over 100 standard features, this system is well suited to give your business a competitive edge.


The FX II is a powerful communications solution offering rich applications such as call center, unified messaging, and computer telephony integration. With flexible administrative tools and an array of integrated user tools, the FX II provides all the power and enhanced capability you need to support a full communications network.
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Inter-Tel - Telephone Systems

Inter-Tel Model 8520
The Inter-Tel Model 8620 incorporates a two-line by 16-character LCD to provide the information you need for enhanced productivity. With programmable keys, you can customize your endpoint to match your work style—maximizing your efficiency.
Inter-Tel Model 8560
This powerful phone features a six-line by 16-character, alphanumeric (LCD) with menu-driven soft keys, which act as a built in user guide to lead you through system features and capabilities.
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PhoneSuite Systems

PhoneSuite 64
Upscale phone system benefits at a budget motel system price. One-touch key access to guest dialing restrictions, wake up calls, room status, and much more. Wake up calls delivered with a pleasant voice message. Automated attendant, voice mail, and call accounting with property management system posting interface. 9-1-1 alarms notify the front desk as soon as the emergency call is made. Both “day” mode (front desk is open) and “night” mode”
PhoneSuite 112
Offers all the PhoneSuite 64 benefits, it meets all current franchise requirements for virtually every limited service franchise hotel in North America, plus, it features: Extension cloning, providing simple, intuitive use of 2 lines per room. A full property management system interface providing automatic guest check-in, check-out, name-in-room display, room status updates, and more Answer detection, ensuring that guests are billed only for completed phone calls, and for all completed phone calls Wake up calls confirmed by voice message stating wake up time 4 ports of voice mail to assure ready access Feature Phones with multiple extension "appearances" and buttons for Voice Mail, Hold, Intercom, Do Not Disturb, Transfer, and Redial
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