Bosch Intrusion - Security Systems

G Series Control Panels D9412GV2 Control Panel:
The D9412GV2 Control Panel provides an integrated solution for access control, intrusion, and fire alarm system applications. It supports 246 points, up to 996 access users, and 8 access doors. The D9412GV2 provides the highest capability for the most demanding applications.
G Series Control Panels D9412G Control Panel:
The D9412G Control Panel provides an integrated solution for Access Control, Security, and Fire Alarm system applications. The control panel can monitor alarm points for intruder alarms or fire alarms while operating user command centers and other outputs. The control panel includes a built-in communicator that reports events to selected PSTN or IP network destinations through four programmable route groups. The D9412G Control Panel provides eight on-board detection points and up to 238 off-board detection points. It provides 128 relays, and up to eight access control doors. Grant access from a Wiegand style card reader connected to: a D9210B Access Control Module, a request-to-enter or request-to-exit input, or a command center. To learn more about the kits available for this control panel, click on Databook under Product Literature.
G Series Control Panels D7412GV2 Control Panel:
The D7412GV2 Control Panel provides an integrated solution for access control, intrusion, and fire alarm system applications. It supports up to 75 points, 396 access users, and 2 doors. The D7412GV2 provides the right capability for most commercial applications.
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Bosch ReadyKey- Security Systems

D720 Series Keypads:
The D720 Series includes the D720B (white and gray) model in a modern design. The series also includes the following keypad models in classic design: D720 (off-white), D720W (white), and D720R (red). Each D720 Series Keypad model is low-profile, surface-mountable, four-wire, and compatible with the Bosch G Series Control Panels. Each keypad model annunciates up to eight protective points on its light emitting diode (LED) display. Each keypad model has indicators, three programmable function keys, and a sounder that emits seven tones.
D1255 Series Keypads:
The D1255 Series includes the D1255B (white and gray) model in a modern design. The series also includs includes the following keypad models in a classic design: D1255 (off-white),D1255W (white),and D1255R (red). Each D1255 Series Keypad model is an SDI bus compatible device that works with the Bosch G Series Control Panels and the Bosch D9124 Addressable Fire Alarm Panel. Each keypad model has an illuminated keypad, 16-character English language vacuum fluorescent display, and a sounder that emits eight tones.
D1260 Series Keypads:
Each D1260 Series Keypad model is an SDI bus compatible device that works with G Series Control Panels. Each keypad model has an illuminated keypad, a bright four-line by 20-character English language liquid crystal display (LCD), and a sounder that emits eight warning tones.
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Bosch ReadyKey Pro - Security Systems

LNL-2DRKIT RKPro-2 Controller Kit:
The LNL-2DRKIT RKPro-2 includes one RK-AL400ULX, one LNL-500, and one LNL-1320. The LNL-500 Intelligent System Controller (ISC) is the access control engine. The controller provides power, performance, and flexibility for the most demanding applications.
RKP-DEMO Hardware Case:
The ReadykeyPRO hardware demo case contains one LNL-500 Intelligent System Controller, two LNL-1320 Dual Reader Interface Modules, two WP644B passthrough readers, one HID ProxPro PIN Reader, one power supply (110 VAC), sample cards, six inputs, six output LEDs, and one alternate reader hookup.
RKP-DEMOCASE Shipping Case:
The RKP-DEMOCASE Shipping Case is a padded shipping case for the RKP-DEMO.

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Hirsch Electronics - Security Systems

Model #: M1N Name: DIGI*TRAC MODEL 1N - 1 Door - 115VAC :
Controls 1 Supervised Door. 4000 Users. Includes 1 SNIB Port (RS-485 & RS-232 terminal blocks), 1 door relay, 3 miscellaneous relays, 4 Alarm Inputs (requires Line Modules), enclosure, power supply, battery, tamper switch, Medeco lock. Does NOT support Expansion Boards, however SNIB function is built onto the motherboard. UL Listed. CE. 115VAC. Not supported by SAM or SNAP2.
Model #: M2N Name: DIGI*TRAC MODEL 2N - 2 Door - 115VAC :
Controls 2 Supervised Doors & 2 Unsupervised Doors. 4000 Users. Includes 4 door relays, 2 Alarm Inputs (requires Line Modules), enclosure, power supply, battery, tamper switch, Medeco lock and SNIB. Supports Expansion Boards. UL Listed. CE. 115VAC.
Velocity 2.6, the newest version of Hirsch's award-winning access control and security management software.

Hirsch’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System is management software for access control and security operations.

Seamless integration of door control, alarm monitoring, credential enrollment, photo badging, video, dynamic graphics, database management and tutorials yields an easy to use and easy to install system suitable for a single door or an enterprise.
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NAPCO - Security Systems

TNAPCO Magnum Alert Family of Controls MA1000ENB Control :
• 7 EOL + N/O Zones
• Supervised Fire Zone
• Up/Downloadable Full-Size Control w/ 45° Terminal Strip
• 8 User Codes
• Transformer supplied
• High-economy MA1000E also available, as above with large cabinet
• Uses Matching RP1000eLCD Alpha Keypad and Digital RP1054e Keypad Models
NetLink™ Internet/Intranet Alarm Reporting:
• Provides primary and/or backup reporting of alarms over a TCIP/IP based network and/or telephone lines (telco)
• No dedicated central station receiver required; uses NAPCO NetLink CS Software Application
• Receive alarms, status and supervisory data via internet or intranet
• Dynamic IP addressing and encryption for data security and integrity
• Supports network-based automation routines
• Easy archiving & review of event histories by account
• Download panel program-updates or upload logs via intranet or campus WAN
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DSC - Security Systems

DSC offers the world's most advanced lines of video-based security and productivity solutions. Like DSC, American Dynamics is a strategic business unit of Tyco Safety Products. They design, manufacture, service and support over fifty product groups, comprising several thousand products. Fortune 500 companies, leading retailers, and government institutions use American Dynamics products to protect assets, information and people.
DSC access control solutions for small to medium-sized commercial applications with the MAXSYS Integrated Building System. MAXSYS can integrate all aspects of building security and accommodate up to 32 readers For larger applications security professionals can turn to Kantech Systems. Established in 1986, Kantech Systems Inc. is part of Tyco Safety Products and designing and manufacturing integrated access control systems for industrial, government and military applications. Its employees have an extensive background in both technical design and installation of large-scale security systems. Kantech's mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective products that offer more features than competitive systems.
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GE Security - Security Systems

GE SymSuite:
The IP video security platform that keeps you in tune with the times. The SymSuite product line is a true digital video system. Instead of using coaxial cable to transmit video signals and twisted-pair wiring to transmit data, SymSuite sends digital video and control data across any IP network – the same kind of network your computer uses.
Low-Profile Signals blend with any building decor:
The GE Genesis signals are the smallest, Most compact audible & visible emergency signaling devices in the World. About the size of a deck cards, These life safety appliances are designed to blend in with any building environment
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KANTECH - Security Systems

Door controllers
Door Controllers:
In busy environments like casinos, Kantech door controllers help to prevent the public from wandering into restricted areas where they don’t belong. You can make security and building operations even more effective by integrating our door controllers with alarm panels, HVAC systems, and CCTV systems, such as those from American Dynamics.

The Kantech door controller range offers support for single door installations (using the KT-1 one door controller), as well as medium to large sized installations.
Access controls
Access Control Kits:
Choosing an access control system doesn’t have to require hours spent sorting through hundreds of software, hardware, and reader offerings. Kantech’s Access Control Kits include all of the components you need to get up and running quickly and easily.
network comm
Network Communication Devices:
Kantech offers network communication devices including IP Link modules, converters, and modems - everything you need to secure entry and exit at your facilities.
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