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Jeron - Nurse Call Systems

Pro-Alert™ Systems
Pro-Alert™ systems offer a total communication package to instantly respond to patients’, workers’ or residents’ needs. Pro-Alert 610 and 640 were designed to meet the rigorous standards of modern healthcare facilities. Both systems employ flexible features, easy operation, and simple installation at an economical price.
Pro-Alert 450:
Pro-Alert 450 Area of Rescue Assistance System is used to call for assistance in institutional facilities and commercial buildings. The microprocessor controlled system is expandable and ADA compliant.

Safeguard® 950 Security Call System:

For high-security environments, this vandal-proof communication system provides signaling and voice communications for cells and infirmary as well as duress calls from staff. The Safeguard® 950 is a rugged and reliable system used in detention facilities, minimum-security prisons, and other correctional facilities. Time proven design features assure fast response for staff safety in critical situations.
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Cornell Communications - Nurse Call Systems

4000 Series:
Visual Nurse Call The 4000 series, visual nurse call system is not only tested at the factory, but time proven in the field. And that is prcisely why you'll want to investigate the UL Listed 4000 series, visual nurse call system.
Visual Call 5000:
The Cornel 5000 Visual Call System is the standard for simplicity in terms of design, installation, operation and maintenance. More than a cost effective, easy-to-use Visual Nurse Call System, the 5000 Series offers customers a many choices of custom configuration, thanks to the comprehensive field programming capability built into the software.
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EXI (Infant Abduction) - Nurse Call Systems

EXI - Infant Abduction:
Complete Supervision HALO is the only system that offers a patented body sensing Infant Tag that immediately notifies staff once it has been removed from the infant. HALO can be configured to automatically lock doors or hold elevators once an alarm is generated.

The Infant Tag is attached using a variety of comfortable, baby-friendly straps that automatically adjust as the infant changes size and weight, which translates into more time for your staff to focus on patient care. Your facility is free to choose the strap that works best and is most cost-effective for you.
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Tektone - Nurse Call Systems

Tek-CARE® NC300™II:
Nurse Call System is designed for use by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals and medical centers, and provides all the latest features and functions required by today's health care professionals.

This system is fully integrated with SpectraLink wireless telephone systems, on-site UHF radio pocket pagers and PBX/analog telephone systems. Tek-CARE® NC300™II also integrates with the Versus Information System to increase staff efficiency by adding automatic nurse and aide presence registration.
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Alpha Communications - Nurse Call Systems

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WanderGuard - Nurse Call Systems

WanderGuard® FirstQ® :
The WanderGuard® FirstQ® system encourages staff to focus on the individual needs of their patients and residents. Because the system’s audible alarm can only be cancelled at the door, staff members are forced to respond to wandering residents when they attempt to leave unaccompanied.

When a patient or resident is judged to be at risk of wandering out of a facility alone and is mobile enough to do so, a lightweight signaling device is worn on the wrist.

The WanderGuard® FirstQ® system notifies staff when a patient or resident wearing a signaling device is about to exit the facility, so that staff can assist the person.
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