Valcom- Intercom Systems

V-2924A / V-2925A Expandable Talkback Intercom System
The V-2924A provides 24 stations of handsfree intercom with one-way group call and all call. Up to three expansion units may be connected to provide 48, 72, or 96 zones of paging with handsfree reply, up to 16 one-way page groups, and all call. The system also provides the ability for a remote speaker location equipped with a call button to call the attendant location.
Easily convert an already installed one-way page control to talkback with easy plug-in cards - It's field upgradeable!
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Jeron - Intercom Systems

Spectrum® Series Digital Duplex Intercom Systems
For instant communication and clear, crisp voice quality, the Spectrum® Series of Digital Duplex Intercom Systems is the obvious choice for hands-free communication. The Spectrum’s digital processor instantly adjusts loud speaking volume levels to compensate for acoustically difficult locations. This master-to-master intercom system is fully digital. It provides immunity from interference and assures natural, clear voice communications from anywhere in the room. With the administrative master station there is never a busy signal. The attendant can field dozens of calls and answer them in any order. With built-in diagnostics, available redundant power sources and battery back up, Spectrum will provide reliable operation in the event of a power or telephone outage. Station types include both desktop and wall mount units with loud speaking duplex or handset operations. Master stations are equipped with a 2-line LCD display. Special application units such as high security substations in 11 gauge stainless steel are available.
Pro-Alert™ systems offer a total communication package to instantly respond to patients’, workers’ or residents’ needs. Pro-Alert 610 and 640 were designed to meet the rigorous standards of modern healthcare facilities. Both systems employ flexible features, easy operation, and simple installation at an economical price. Pro-Alert 450 Area of Rescue Assistance System is used to call for assistance in institutional facilities and commercial buildings. The microprocessor controlled system is expandable and ADA compliant.
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Toa Electronics - Intercom Systems

N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom Systems:
The N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom offers flexible communications for up to 1280 stations on existing corporate local and wide area data networks. Built on TOA’s proven NX-100 network audio technology, the new IP Intercom products occupy minimal network bandwidth (130 kbps maximum) for station-to-station calls and can be controlled and monitored through software or web browser. Programmable system functions include 160 paging zones, time-based call forwarding and scan monitoring.
VS-900 Security Intercom Systems:
The VS-900 Security Intercom Systems provides reliable and intelligible voice communication for critical security applications, including corporate security, correctional institutions, educational facilities, hospital access points, and parking structures. For over 35 years, TOA has developed a proven track record of innovative, reliable intercom products, including the groundbreaking EXES and IC-100 systems. The TOA VS-900 system is UL and CUL Listed and manufactured to ISO-9001 standards to ensure continuous operation for extended periods.
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Rauland SecurePlex - Intercom Systems

Starting with product development following all the way through manufacturing, Rauland-Borg designs systems for your schools and classrooms using leading-edge technologies. Our commitment to your facility continues long after the sale.

First microprocessor controlled master clock
First solid state line of audio amplifiers
First commercial application of telephone touch-tone technology
U.S. patent for digital readout on a telephone
U.S. patent for a multi-link communications system
U.S. patent for multi-media lesson plans And many more innovations

Rauland SecurePlex Systems also provides a wide range of communications systems for use in correctional applications. These applications include administrative intercom, door-video control, high-security, nurse call, visitor-to-inmate telephone systems, sound disturbance alarm, and paging.

Secureplex Markets:
Juvenile Detention Facilities
Transitional Facilities
Police Departments
Detention Sites
...and any application where you need communications and control systems.
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Bogen Communications - Intercom Systems

CM200X, CM206M, CM211M:
• 6- or 11-station capacity

• All-master system or any combination of masters and remotes

• Multiple simultaneous conversations - up to 5 in an 11 station system

• Selective electronic tone calling (masters only)

• Masters can call any station in system

• Remote station can only call its associated master station
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Lowell - Intercom Systems

ISX Series Intercoms with Optional Pushbutton ISX Series:
Assemblies include a factory wired 3 inch speaker with 45 ohm impedance mounted to a two or three gang stainless steel plate. Available with one or two SPDT pushbutton switches, optional lettering (call and/or talk) and optional 25V or 70V transformer .
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Atlas Sound - Intercom Systems

Atlas Sound offers a broad spectrum of intercom systems, stations, assemblies, and accessories that provide clear two-way communication in correctional facilities; industrial, commercial, and manufacturing operations; distribution centers, and public access areas such as grocery stores, hallways, lobbies, parking garages, storage, and service facilities.

Specify Atlas Sound vandal-proof intercom stations with compression driver or cone loudspeaker to provide clear communication with rugged dependability in detention and correctional facilities. Utilize weatherproof intercom assemblies with compression driver and call switch for call-in capability from remote guard and security stations, entry and exit gates, perimeter doors and parking garages. Install Visikom modular telephone visitation system for use where physical separation between communicating individuals is desired. Specify PageKom one or two-line common talk telephone paging systems with page-only line and integrated loudspeaker for application in commercial and service businesses of all kinds.
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