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Leviton - Data Networking Systems

eXtreme® 10G System:
Leviton's eXtreme 10G system exceeds all channel performance requirements in TIA-568-B.2-10 from 1 MHz to 500 MHz to support the IEEE 802.3an standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet over UTP cable. Leviton's patented technology enables your network to support current technologies such as PoE enabled devices (VoIP, Wireless Access Points, and IP-Cameras), 10/100/1G Ethernet as well as planning for advanced new 10G and IP-based services.

Patent-pending Cone of Silence TM offers unparalleled signal integrity thanks to a special material that blocks Alien Crosstalk (AXT) between neighboring connectors. Retention Force Technology® is an innovative spring technology that reinforces tine contact in connectors to help protect against damage caused by insertion of 4- or 6-pin plugs and ensuring error-free performance over the life of the system.

eXtreme® 6+ Cabling System:
Rocket into high-speed UTP with component-rated Category 6 performance with headroom tested to 650 MHz.

Choose eXtreme 6+ for some of the fastest copper technology available on today's market, tested out to 650 MHz for the ultimate in no-risk performance. When you install an eXtreme 6+ Cabling System, with eXtreme 6+ QuickPort® Snap-in Connectors, Patch Cords, Universal A/B patch panels and gigabit rated cables, you'll be prepared for future-ready networks and mission-critical applications The eXtreme 6+ Cabling System meets TIA Category 6 channel/component-rated specifications, providing usable bandwidth beyond 250 MHz. Lifetime Warranty on Certified Installations. Visit for warranty information.
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Lucent - Data Networking Systems

DACS II (Digital Access Cross-Connect System) for Service Providers:
The DACS II (Digital Access Cross-Connect System II) is a product line of world-class Narrowband Digital Cross-Connect Systems (NDCS). The DACS II line consists of the multi-bay Capacity Expansion Frame (CEF), which is also available in an enclosed (ECEF) version that meets European environmental requirements. With these systems, the DACS II line has a Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS) for network applications of 384 E1s/480 DS1s in two bays and up to 2,048 E1s/2560 DS1s in seven bays.
DACS II Core for Service Providers:
DACS II Core is part of the DACS II digital cross-connect system product family; a range of products that help service providers manage DSO, DS1, E1, DS3 and subrate circuits in an integrated manner. DACS II Core cross-connects include the DACS II Capacity Expansion Frame (CEF), which offers full non-blocking capability; and the Enclosed Capacity Expansion Frame (ECEF), which includes the features of the CEF, and enclosures (closets) that allow the DACS II to meet European environmental standards.
DACS II Management System for Service Providers:
The DACS II product family provides service providers with a range of access, edge and core network devices. The tools to manage these products are the DACS II management systems: the DACS Network Director (DND) and the DACS II View (D2View). The DACS Network Director is a powerful network tool for managing, monitoring, and configuring your small to medium-sized network of DACS II products.
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Commscope - Data Networking Systems

Outside Plant Cables for Demanding Broadband Environments:
For direct buried, underground conduit and aerial installations, CommScope offers several fiber optic cable designs, which include a variety of loose tube cables, from all-dielectric to double armored, triple-jacketed fiber cables.
Hybrid Fiber Coax UTP Cable:
CommScope offers true hybrid/composite cables featuring subunits contained within a single jacket.

We carry many hybrid cable designs, our more popular composite cables shown to the left are: the hybrid fiber UTP cable featuring a fiber optic cable and a UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable, the hybrid fiber coax UTP cable featuring a fiber optic cable, a coax cable, and a UTP cable, and the hybrid fiber coax cable featuring a fiber optic cable and a coax cable.
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3M - Data Networking Systems

Fiber and Copper Closures and Terminals:
3M offers a wide range of Copper or Fiber Closures and Terminals for aerial, underground, direct buried and vault applications. There is also a wide variety of Network accessories sold with the Closures and Terminals.
Fiber Management Systems:
3M Fiber Management Systems provide storage solutions for a wide range of fiber splices and terminations.
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Panduit - Data Networking Systems

Data centers represent a significant portion of a typical IT budget. So, designing, installing and maintaining your data center investment has never been more important.Driven by mission critical applications, data is being created, manipulated and stored at explosive rates. You rely on your data center to support your business all day, every day because downtime means lost revenue.

Panduit Solutions Reliability/Availability
Research shows approximately 40-50% of network downtime is unplanned. For a network, unplanned downtime typically averages more than 70 hours per year.

• PANDUIT® OPTI-CORE™ Fiber Optic Cable is a highly reliable and interoperable system that delivers the modularity and flexibility to reduce total cost of ownership and increase ROI

o Supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications while maintaining compatibility with existing 50um multimode systems
o 10Gb/s fiber allows for a clear upgrade path without media retrofit, ensuring high network availability while minimizing costs

• PANDUIT® STRUCTUREDGROUND™ System for Data Center Grounding is the single most important factor in reliable network element performance. This provides an all-copper, low impedance grounding path to ensure the highest network reliability.
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Siecor - Data Networking Systems

Fiber optic and copper communications system solutions for voice, data and video network applications worldwide. Our commitment to total quality and superior customer satisfaction distinguish us as a leader in the telecommunications industry.
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Hitachi Cable America Inc. - Data Networking Systems

HCA fiber optics
HCA has a long history of designing carefully engineered fiber optic cable for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. Our facility features state-of-the-art machinery continuously monitoring and maintaining optimum line speeds while simultaneously protecting the glass fiber. From simplex fiber constructions to large, armored multi-fiber cables, Hitachi Cable America's wide range of standard solutions should accommodate your needs. Need a custom fiber optic cable or one that integrates copper cable, air tubes or other length-based components into a single cable design? HCA is the one for all of your optical fiber cabling needs. 
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