Bosch- CCTV Systems

EAZEO is the latest generation of the successful Bosch Observation Systems for small and medium-sized businesses.
Innovative products
Plug-and-play Integrated functionality
Service and reliability
Bosch dominates the surveillance market as the total system solution supplier. From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, our number one priority is quality. Bosch offers a complete line of video cameras, AutoDomes, monitors, VCRs, digital recorders, multiplexers, microprocessor control switcher/controller systems, transmission systems, and other related surveillance equipment, along with exceptional technical service.
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GE Security - CCTV Systems

Video Surveillance- Protect people and property with GE's line of surveillance and CCTV products. Start with the simplicity of a camera and a monitor or move to more complex applications involving switchers, digital recorders, and system control. Integrate networked security solutions with our line of IP enabled products.

We offer high resolution surveilance cameras for day and night surveilance.
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PELCO - CCTV Systems

ICS110 Series Camclosure®
Camera System Outdoor, Mini Dome, Surface Mount The ICS110 Series Camclosure® integrated camera system combines an environmental cover, back box, camera, lens, and lower dome into a small, high-security system that is quick and easy to install. The system is perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and its versatile design allows for multiple mounting options.

ICS210 Series Camclosure®
Camera System Indoor/Outdoor, Wall/Ceiling The ICS210 Series Camclosure® integrated camera system incorporates a camera and lens package into a small, “wedge” style enclosure. The system is quick and easy to install in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. It is ideal for residential, office, mall, hospital, school, parking garage, correction and detention, and other medium-security installations subject to vandalism.
ICS300 Series Camclosure®
Camera System Indoor/Outdoor, Wall or Ceiling The ICS300 Series Camclosure® Integrated Camera System incorporates a camera and lens package into a small, unobtrusive, medium-security enclosure. The system is quick and easy to install in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. It is ideal for residential, office, mall, hospital, school, parking garage, correction and detention, and other medium-security installations subject to vandalism.
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JVC - CCTV Systems

VR-609E and VR-616E hard disk recorders:
For those sites where security is critical, only the very best surveillance equipment will do.

Designed especially for sensitive industrial and commercial surveillance systems, the VR-609E and the VR-616E produce high-resolution digital recording that is ideal for factories, office buildings, medical centres, airports, highways, banks or any other site where very high quality digital images are required. With jog/shuttle control and multi-screen real-time display, these recorders offer the reliablity and flexibility that will maximise your security.
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Dedicated Micros - CCTV Systems

Digital Sprite 2 plus
Fast recording Digital Sprite 2 plus can capture up to 100 pictures per second (100PPS PAL / 120PPS NTSC), allowing real-time recording of up to 4 camera, or time-lapse equivalent to sixteen 24-hour VCRs. Product Varients Digital Sprite 2 plus is also available with Retail Solutions support (Digital Sprite 2 plus RS) integrating the text from POS devices with images to protect against shrinkage at the checkout.
Digital Sprite 2 RS
As a trusted name in retail security Digital Sprite technology aims to provide installation simplicity, peace of mind and ease of use. With several generations of evolution, the current range of features meet the requirements of the most demanding of retail security situations. Integration Digital Sprite 2 RS includes support for over 300 cash register and EPOS terminal interfaces, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of POS equipment. This device allows a particular type of register or POS terminal to communicate with its corresponding DVR or network server providing an integrated POS security monitor.
Digital Sprite with CD Writer
Dedicated Micros presents the Digital Sprite: a video multiplexer and digital video recorder (DVMR) with its own CD writer built-in! The DS2 includes many features and allows for space-saving security system monitoring.
Experienced users know that, sooner or later, it becomes necessary to archive key events to CD, perhaps to provide high quality digital evidence to law enforcement agencies, or simply to send data for off-site analysis. Now the Digital Sprite 2 multiplexer and DVMR is available with a CD writer built in, providing a quick and easy way of copying relevant footage to standard CD media. Everything is contained in one box and is immediately available-no cumbersome cables, no problems mounting extra boxes, no hanging around waiting for additional equipment to arrive.
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American Dynamics - CCTV Systems


IP Cameras

Quality in means quality out. The only way to guarantee you will see a clear and accurate picture on your monitor is to start with a camera that is capable of feeding clear and accurate images into a video surveillance system. American Dynamics IP cameras do exactly that, giving you the best quality images each and every time - from our Illustra Series with advanced functionality to the Illustra Flex Series providing high quality, high resolution cameras at more affordable prices. Both lines offer superior resolution and low light performance.

Whether you’re looking for an easy, pre-packaged camera, high definition, PoE solution or a camera that provides just what your company needs without breaking the bank, American Dynamics IP cameras are an excellent choice for your security needs.
PTZ Dome Cameras

Analog Cameras

American Dynamics analog cameras give you clear and accurate images. Our cameras provide a cost effective solution for anyone requiring analog camera surveillance. With easy mounting options, several models and configurations to choose from, and powerful features, our cameras help meet your most demanding surveillance needs. From our Discover 200 to the 700 Series, models include mini-domes, bullet, box and PTZ. American Dynamics offers a broad range of box camera lenses to meet the most demanding surveillance applications.

The Discover series of high performance mini domes includes high impact, vandal resistant dome housings, built to withstand the harshest environments. Unlike other dome housings in the industry, our Discover series housing is made with extremely durable materials. Advanced pivoting axis allows you to position the camera at exactly the angle you need, while optimal white balance provides the clearest and most perfect images possible.

Programmable dome cameras are equipped with wide dynamic range, true Day/Night, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and 35x and 540TVL. These features allow users to see farther and clearer. A 12x digital magnifier with 35x optical zoom yields a total zoom of 420x. This series also features privacy zones, on screen programming, alarm inputs and Direct Set, for fast access to the most frequently used functions.

With lens, housing and mounting options available, our analog cameras are an ideal choice for all organizations.

IP Encoders
IP Video Encoders
IP Encoders allow you to transform analog video into high quality IP video streams. This helps leverage existing analog cameras while converting your security system into IP.
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